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How to get domain + hosting for your website for free

 How to get a free domain and hosting Since many of you want to start your own blog or want to make a website just for testing. But the thing is that for making your presence online you need a paid domain and hosting. If you are new to blogging and you don't want to invest much on It. So today I will guide you on how you can get free domain and hosting... Step 1. Go to You will see  the screen like in the above image Step 2. click the sign-in button there. Step 3. Enter your email address or you can use your google account to sign in or even you can use Facebook to sign in Step 4. After signing in take the mouse cursor to the services and then the drop-down menu will appear then click on register a new domain. step 5. Now you have to enter the name you want for your website in my case it will be BestTech. You can choose your domain name and check the availability either it is available or not. step 6.