Why users prefer apple over android phones

Apple Vs Android

You must be wondering why most of the peoples prefer apple iPhone over android. what are the reasons that the user intends to buy an iPhone other than Samsung or any other company? There are many reasons that force people to buy Apple iPhone.

There are some technical and non-technical reasons considered by the users.
Well if you don't know Apple uses IOS (iPhone operating system) and android uses OS (android)

These both operating system work different 

Like IOS is owned by Apple likewise Android is owned by Google.

why people prefer IOS over android


The camera of the Apple devices are far better than android. Still, there are many android phones whose camera performs like an iPhone camera. An android phone with a 32-megapixel camera and an iPhone with a 16-megapixel camera. who will click the better photo if your answer is an android phone then you are wrong. Apple would click a better photo. 

But Why?

Megapixel is not a big factor but people only think that if their phone is having more megapixels then the camera performance of there would be better. But that's not true camera quality is not only considered by megapixel but is there are many other factors like censor of the camera if the quality of the sensor is good then camera quality would automatically increase.

2)Privacy and security

Security and privacy in IOS devices are much better than in android. Google is approving android security day by day but still, it is lagging among IOS devices.

The live example is that you can install android apps from other sources another than play store which means that it is not officially published on play store which means It can have some malware and your data can be stoled.

But on another hand in apple devices, you cannot install apps from other sources other than the App store that is an official app store for Apple devices. 


Performance on the apple devices are excellent even if you are using an old apple device it will still run very smoothly until it is having some internal problem.

Apple Ram management is quite good compared to any android you have seen android phones coming with 8GB of RAM and on the other hand, iPhone with 3GB ram or more will still perform better. 

IOS vs android Ram Management - click here

4) Regular updates

IOS devices get regular updates even the apple iPhone which was released 5 years ago also getting some updates but that's no the case in the android. In android devices, you don't get regular updates
But nowadays android phones are focusing on updates. 
Why updates are necessary? Updates are necessary because it increases the performance of the device. UI (user interface) is enhanced and bugs are fixed.

5)Status Symbol­čśÄ

In the past few years, iPhone has become a way to show your status in society. Apple device in hand attracts the people because everyone can't afford it. It gives premium look in the hand


From the above points, it's clear that buying an iPhone is definitely a good choice but if you are ready to spend a good amount of money on the phones why buy and android phone just go for iPhone.It will give you a better experience.